Why Work With the Guru

Why work with a Chuck Keough on New Construction?

Because I represent you the buyer only, not the Builder. The Builders sales staff represents the Builder only, they are not an agent for the buyer. They do not represent you. When you work with Chuck, he is your buyer’s agent. This is a big advantage for the buyer in favor of their best interests.

Can you get a better deal with the Builder’s on-site sales staff?

No you cannot. You will not pay one dollar more by working with a Realtor. Actually, Builders want to work with Realtors because Realtors bring potential buyers to their new developments. The buyer pays no commission to have me as your buyer’s agent. Any commission will come from the builder.

How does the Buyer know if the Builder is reputable?

A Realtor that concentrates on working with new developments has the experience to know which Builders are reputable and which ones will cut corners.

What should a new buyer be concerned about when purchasing a new home?

The quick answer is, many things. Things like: CDD’s, Warranty’s, Inspections, Design Changes, Delivery Dates, Amenities, Fees, Taxes, etc.  Chuck will be you consultant on such fees.  

Can a Realtor negotiate a better deal for you? Yes and No.

One who works extensively with Builders knows when a builder is willing to be negotiable and on what. The Builder may have a few homes in inventory and would like to sell them quickly, they will sometimes make attractive price concessions to sell these homes. In other instances Chuck knows which Builder is willing to include certain features; features that would cost buyers thousands of $$$ to add; as a bonus to the buyer on certain models.

Why work with Realtor Chuck Keough?

Because I am Realtor with new construction experience and have taken the time to visit and review new models, infrastructure, amenities, and communities. I have worked with many Builders and know what to look for in the buying experience. I am also a graduate Engineer with experience in the construction industry.

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